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Destination Weddings

Thinking of getting married overseas?


An overseas wedding can make many of the most common wedding headaches disappear – including family dramas, invitation obligations and awkward seating arrangements. It can be a great chance to combine the joy of getting married with an overseas holiday. Whether you want to get married in Mauritius, pledged in Peru or wedded in Wales, my suitcase is packed and ready to go.

Many couples don't realise that their overseas marriage is not automatically recognised in Australia. Overseas marriage authorities often require certain

legalities to be met in order for a marriage to be legal in that particular country.


Save yourself the hassle and expense of finding an overseas marriage authority and take your Australian celebrant (that's me!!) with you. I will help you create a personalised, meaningful ceremony designed to reflect your beliefs and ideas.


Enjoy your destination wedding celebration, then when you come home all we need to do is make your marriage official, submit the paperwork and have a dinner party to celebrate with those loved ones who couldn’t make the trip.

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