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Renewal of Vows

You may choose to hold a renewal of vows ceremony because you want to honour an anniversary of your wedding day or even that you eloped the first time and now you want to gather your friends and family to witness and share your love for each other.

It can be the perfect opportunity for couples to rededicate themselves to each other.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

If you would like to celebrate the birth of your child but have decided against a christening, a 'Naming Ceremony' is the perfect alternative.

Most often this is held at the same time as a 1st Birthday Party.











Let me help you create a unique ceremony to welcome your new baby into this world and to tell the story about their name which will be an important part of their personality throughout their entire life.

Pet Memorials

The death of a much-loved pet can be incredibly heartbreaking. Holding a memorial service can help all family members to cope with this loss. You can cherish their enriched life and memories by honouring their passing. It's a wonderful way to give closure to the painfully sad loss of your friend.
I can help you with any of the following...
  • Ash-spreading ceremonies

  • Anniversaries

  • Significant birthday or event ceremonies

  • Graduation ceremonies

  • Coming of Age

  • Naturalisation ceremonies

  • Memorials

  • Dedication of new home or office ceremonies

  • Boat naming ceremonies

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